Transformational Discipleship – Canada


Through extensive testing (the largest research project of its kind ever done), the LifeWay Research team has discovered certain attributes visible in the lives of believers who are progressing in spiritual maturity. These eight attributes are biblical factors that consistently show up in the life of a maturing believer. Results from each of the eight attributes of spiritual maturity will continue to be released over the coming months. LifeWay Research surveyed a representative sample of 1,086 Canadian adults as part of the Transformational Discipleship study. Participants attend a Protestant church at least once a month. The sample included churchgoers from a range of Protestant denominations, including mainline and evangelical churches. Interviews were conducted in English, Spanish and French. A demographically balanced online panel was used for the interviewing. Surveys were conducted Oct. 14-22, 2011. LifeWay Research used the study’s data (as well as the findings from the US study) to develop a questionnaire for believers, called the Transformational Discipleship Assessment (TDA). This online evaluation delivers both individual and group reports on spiritual maturity based on eight factors of biblical discipleship. The TDA also provides practical suggestions for continued spiritual development. For more information about the TDA, visit


Many Churchgoers Don’t Talk About Faith

March 3, 2014 Most Canadian churchgoers have no hesitation in being open about their faith, according to a new survey. And many say their faith is well known by friends and acquaintances. But that doesn’t mean faith is a part of their daily conversations.

Research: Church Relationships Are Missing Something

February 17, 2014 Many Canadian Protestants say they have significant relationships with people in their church. But relatively few spend time trying to help others grow spiritually.



Spiritual Maturity Comes Through Intentionality

February 3, 2014 When it comes to prayer, Canadian churchgoers tend to be spontaneous. Most talk to God on the spur of the moment rather than setting aside specific times in their schedule.

Maturing Believers Exercise Faith, Trust

January 15, 2014 Hard times don’t necessarily lead to doubts about faith, according to a study of Canadian Protestants.



Churchgoers Believe in Sharing Faith, Most Never Do

January 2, 2014 Canadian churchgoers believe they know how to explain their faith in Jesus to other people. But they seldom do it, according to a survey of Canadian Protestants.


Selflessness Leads to Spiritual Maturity

December 16, 2013 Canadian churchgoers say helping those in need outside of the church is an important part of their faith and often volunteer without being asked, according to a study conducted by LifeWay Research.


Obedience Not Easy Decision for Believers

December 2, 2013 Canadian churchgoers say reading the Bible has changed their life and they readily confess their sins, according to a survey by LifeWay Research.

Bible Engagement in Churchgoers’ Hearts, Not Always Practiced

November 15, 2013 While the majority of Canadian churchgoers say they want to honour Christ with their lives, a recent study found few spend time reading or studying the Scriptures.